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Daoc char builder

Daoc char builder

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Style Crush0 sp. +. +. Style Thrust0 sp. +. +. Albion Classes. Fighter: Armsman · Paladin · Mercenary · Reaver. Acolyte: Friar · Cleric. Rogue: Minstrel · Scout · Infiltrator. Mage: Sorcerer · Cabalist. 28 Jul · [ Celticdualftw - R10LX] Solo Theurg Clips · Ding 50 Checklist Video.

DAoC-Charplan. DOWNLOAD v A character planner for Dark Age of Camelot. If you know Catacombs Character Builder you'll have no trouble with this. Albion. Fighter: Armsman Paladin Mercenary Reaver. Acolyte: Cleric Friar. Rogue: Infiltrator Minstrel Scout. Mage: Cabalist Sorcerer. Elementalist: Theurgist . LVL, ABILITIES. 1, Mending. 1, Augmentation. 1, Staff. 1, Cloth Armor. 1, Leather Armor. 1, Shields (Small). 1, Hammer. 5, Mending Spec. 5, Augmentation Spec.

You can also play more than one character (although not simultaneously, unless you have multiple Dark Age of Camelot accounts). You cannot play on separate. 22 Dec Dark Age of Camelot Realm Abilities Configurator. 14, Increases the max encumbrance of the character and the speed at which the character. Dark Age of Camelot Information Site. Featuring class information, character builder, map database, forums, up to the minute news and much more. [ Website ], Uthgard Charbuilder by Nixian. english Website, [ Website ], Uthgard Charbuilder. Is there anyone who knows a good character builder? Cause it seems daoc. catacombs is down, and only versions available are from daoc.

6 Jun hi there any one know if there an upto date character builder as the one at catcombs is out of data and. CHARACTER & GUILD SEARCH. Select a server cluster BETA!!!! Enter a Character Name and select a server or enter a Guild Name and press Search. 11 Oct Wondering if there are any newer Char Builders out there that Discussion in ' DAoC General' started by legacyAccount, Oct 11, I've never played Dark Age of Camelot, but I saw Uthgard online like what realm I join could factor into character build, but I have no idea.