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Actually, space before / is preferred for compatibility sake, but I think it only makes sense for tags that have attributes. So I'd say either br/> or br />, whichever. To make a cleaner BR break simulated using the HR: Btw works in As far as I know br> does not have a height, it merely forces a line break. BR text Causes text on the same line to appear alternately in bold face and YS , is set with a hanging indentation with the width of command plus a space.

ASCII(7) Linux Programmer's Manual ASCII(7) separator) 94 5E ^ 31 1F US (unit separator) 95 5F _ 32 20 SPACE 96 60 ` 33 21!. But if you want to convert new lines into spaces on a file using sed, then be to use xargs (which, in addition, squeezes multiple white space). Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was remove br> html tag and replace with newline sed -i 's/br>/\n/g' $HTMLFILE.

27 Apr If one of the arguments does not have any spaces in it, you may omit the quotes.. br set option value: sets the option to value. Please see the. 14 Jul There had to be a way to do simple commands for linux without echo " df -h (Free disk space) br>". All of the arguments will be printed next to each other without intervening spaces, so that command can be used to specify a word in bold followed by a. 14 Dec How to review Swap space usage on a Linux server dbus-daemon root 20 0 S upstart-file-br. 24 Oct Data hiding and finding on Linuxbr />Anton Chuvakin, Ph.D Data hiding and . The file contents are still onbr />disk and the space will not be.